Senior's Arts and Craft

  • Bird Houses and Picture Frames

    In preparation of the fall season we had our seniors create their very own bird house and picture frame with matierials aquired from Micheals and personalized by each individual senior who incorporated photos of themselves or somone very dear to them.

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  • Recycled Barbie Dolls

    At the Dorothy Quintana Seinors Arts program everyone got the chanced to remodel and redesign barbie dolls from recycled items while spraypainting the clothing which were made from unused toilet paper; After finishing with their designs they got to keep and take home their custom barbie doll.

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  • Papier-mâché Air Balloons

    The seniors brought old newspapers as part of the recycling project to create air balloons. Each senior had the opportunity to personalize their own Papier-mâché Air Balloon by using colors of their choice to paint the envelope (The outside area of the balloon). Everyone who participated seemed to have enjoyed themself.

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