• Activities under the Program.

    Currently Dorothy Quintana Senior Arts Program benefits an averaging 12-20 senior per session. For those seniors who express interest in the program, we will immediately begin the paperwork and processing to ensure their eligibility for the program. All seniors will be invited to participate and attend the seniors art shows, health fairs, and other special events sponsored by the program and City of Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation Dept., as well our community collaborators, Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami-Dade, Vista International Security Company and Wynwood Brewing Company.

  • Activity 1

    In each session, the art instructor will engage the seniors in developing their potentials using various artistic materials. In addition to traditional arts and crafts materials and supplies, there will be an emphasis on recycling- utilizing bottles, jars, newspapers, etc.

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  • Activity 2

    At the Dorothy Quintana Senior Arts Program, we hold different art events to incourage them to celebrate different types of holidays, cultures, and communities. The goal is to promote good will and at the same time learn from one another.

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  • Activity 3

    Food for most throughout the Caribbean Central and South America defines who they are. At the Dorothy Quintana Senior Arts program, where the majority of the participants are seniors who are from Puerto Rico, some are Cuban, Dominican, and Columbian. – Food is special and cherished- The Seniors believe the best form art is the one that is edible.

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