• Activity 1

    The Arts and Craft classes will introduce children to the various genres of artwork. Examples of these genres are crafts involving textiles (embroidery, knitting, t-shirt art), calligraphy, homemade jewelry, clay sculpturing, paper-mache, scrapbooking, flower crafts, beadwork, and mosaics. As well, the more traditional types of artwork such as painting with oils and pastels, and charcoal and pencil drawing will be taught. The range of arts and crafts taught will be determined by the availability of skilled and qualified instructors in these fields.

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  • Activity 2

    Events such as parties and holiday celebrations will allow children to learn about and celebrate the various holidays during the year. South Florida, where Artistic Awakenings Inc. is located, is a community made up of many diverse ethnic, racial and cultural groups. We believe that it is important for all children to observe the various holidays which we have in common as Americans, as well as to have an opportunity to learn about and to share the unique holiday celebrations of their neighbors.

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